August 2013

Searching for a Pulse

Random Musing
Whitepoint Press just released my collection Searching for a Pulse! They accepted the collection last September (which you know if you've stuck with this blog for a long long time) and it's surreal to have it finally out in the world. Surreal in the best possible way of course. (The line from Notting Hill when Hugh Grant's character says meeting Anna was "surreal but nice" just popped into my head. Okay, tangent over.)

It's available both on the Whitepoint website as well as on Amazon, and there's even a Kindle version if you're really into your e-reader. Having just gotten a Kindle, I totally understand if that's the way you choose to go. They really are super snazzy.

If you do end up buying the book, I want to take this opportunity to thank you - though I'll happily thank you in the real world too if our paths cross. I really appreciate all the support I've gotten regarding this collection - in fact, it's rather humbling. Thank you for supporting my work even if poetry (let alone morbid Sylvia Plath inspired poetry) isn't really your thing. It means a lot.

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