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Hi Everyone,

I've neglected this blog for a while now.  I'm going to blame grad school since that's an easy and plausible excuse.  I'm trying to get back in the interwebz game now though, and I'm doing that via a new website.  The blog feature isn't quite up and running yet, but once it is, I'll be providing updates there.

So, if you're so inclined, you can find me at www.nazifaislam.com - and, even if you're not so inclined, thanks for reading these past four years.


Rathalla Review and Kindred Magazine

Random Musing
You may have noticed that I've been neglecting this blog for a while now. You'll have to blame grad school. I still don't have the time for regular updates, but I did want to give you links to a few new (well, new to this blog anyhow) poem publications.

You can find "Manhandled" in the 2013 fall issue (I know, I know, I'm ridiculously late with this) of The Rathalla Review.

And if you buy a copy of the latest issue of Kindred Magazine, you'll be able to read "Let's Slow Dance Together" alongside some other excellent creative work.

Cheers, everyone.

On Words #22

"The desire to say words overcame him and he said words without meaning, rolling them over on his tongue and saying them because they were brave words, full of meaning. 'Death,' he muttered, 'night, the sea, fear, loveliness.'" -Sherwood Anderson, "An Awakening" from Winesburg, Ohio

Gold Man Review

Random Musing
Gold Man Review published my poem "Spring Visions" in their third issue about a month ago.  I forgot to mention it here for two reasons: 1) This last term of school was incredibly busy and I kept forgetting I even had a blog and 2) Gold Man Review isn't an online journal that you can take a look at for free and I kind of doubted you'd want to buy a copy to read my one small poem.  I admit that I might not have enough faith in you readers.  Fortunately, I just learned that the Kindle edition of the third issue is actually free until January 5th!  So you can read my tiny poem for free if you jump on that offer.  You can get the issue here!

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