The Emptiness of Nothing

"'Nothing is worse than emptiness…'" -L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

"'…it's so dreadful to have nothing to love – life is so empty – and there's nothing worse than emptiness…'" -L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

"'My life has been empty – empty. Nothing is worse than emptiness. Nothing!'" -L.M. Montgomery, The Blue Castle

"She had nothing to love, and that is about as unwholesome a condition as is possible to anyone." -L.M. Montgomery, "Old Lady Lloyd," Chronicles of Avonlea

Random Musing
I personally find L.M. Montgomery's choice to repeat - essentially verbatim even - this same thought on emptiness interesting. I've noticed that she's done this same thing with other ideas or concepts as well actually. If you've read enough of her books you may have noticed this trend as well. These must have been particularly important ideas for her - or just ones that really resonated. Given my obsession with her writing, I find such little insights into her psyche worth noting. If you're not a fan of hers - which I'm going to pretend isn't at all a possibility - then this bit of information probably appears trite and useless. In that case, I apologize. Except not really. Cause how can you not like L.M. Montgomery?

*Post edited on 11-9-2010 to include a quotation from The Blue Castle

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