The End of an Unwanted Hiatus

Random Musing
You are probably unaware that for the past few weeks I have not written a single new poem or bit of prose or really anything at all that fits under the heading of creative writing. How would you know that? I had not - in earlier posts - made you privy to that bit of information. Instead I just went ahead and posted a bunch of quotes and some "old" poems that had not yet appeared on the the blog - kind of passing them off as new.

Now however, I am willing to admit to having fallen into a creative slump since classes and finals wrapped up. I only admit this because I have finally broken through the "block" - stereotypically speaking that seems like the appropriate terminology - and started on some new poems. They're not at all finished, some barely actually started, but I'm not going to complain. It's something, which is much better than the masses of nothing I've been dealing with. So yes, expect some new poetry in the future. For now though - and at least until those poems are actually entirely written and edited - you only get this little blurb about my life.

Accept it. Life's just unfair like that sometimes.


  1. I have had moments where I have stopped writting for a period of time as well..there are always times of refreshing one must go through to have new and fresh and meaningful work/projects!

  2. You were just dealing with masses of old stuff - no worries there. :D


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