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September is drawing near which means so is the start of fall semester. Classes don't actually start until September 7th, but already I need to worry about one of my (potential) classes: English 424, aka: Advanced Poetry Writing.

I don't get to take this class unless the portfolio I submit as a sort of audition passes muster. Now I've written a lot of poems. Most not very good, some passable, and a few I'm kind of happy with. Nothing really spectacular. But now I have to compile a portfolio of ten poems before September 1st, and I am at somewhat of a loss as to which poems I should choose.

So, I'm asking for some help from you loyal blog followers. If anyone reading this can think of any poems that I've posted which struck them as particularly/any good whatsoever, let me know. The suggestions will be helpful in pulling together a portfolio.

Thanks in advance!


  1. "Naught But Darkness"
    "A Fish Named Charlie"
    "Lament of One Afflicted With a Cold"
    "How to Destroy an Ideal"
    "We Do Move On"
    "I Walk Alone"
    "You are Beautiful"
    "Three Books"
    "Jigsaw Puzzle"
    "Thoughts Interjected"
    "Molten Gold"
    "Flying Kites"
    "The Children’s Anthem"
    "The Eye of a Potato"
    "There Is Something to be Said"


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