Rest in Peace Diane Wells

Random Musing
I found out today that one of my supervisors from work passed away on Friday, March 4th. And while I love all of my supervisors - they honestly make going to work much less of a chore than otherwise - Diane was my favorite. She would schedule you for the south circulation desk if you had a lot of homework to do (it's very quiet there during late night shifts) or keep you at the north desk so you could talk to your friends. She was so incredibly accommodating. I mean, one semester I used to always take my 15 minutes break right as my friend Sahrish was getting off her shift. Diane let us work it out that way so me and Sahrish could go get pizza together every week. Not everyone you work with is that nice.

She'd been on medical leave since maybe October but I had no idea she was seriously sick. I'd actually heard that she was coming back to the library in January. When that didn't happen though, me and Sahrish talked a bit about visiting her. Unfortunately we never got around to it. The closest we'll get to saying anything to her now is the memorial site made in her honor. She was a really wonderful person.

This has been a really awful month.


  1. Thanks Nazifa for writing this kind tribute to my sister. I know she would have appreciated it as well. I am happy that she had made such a positive impact on your life.
    There is a more fitting, appropriate obituary that was posted on mlive, which I've posted on her memorial site:

    I hope you will be able to join us June 25th for a farewell memorial to her.

    Valerie Wells

  2. Thanks so much for posting that link Valerie - it probably would have taken me a little while to run across it on my own. I will try my very best to make it to the farewell memorial.


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