Rest in Peace Diana Wynne Jones

"'Dead?' said Sophie. She had a silly impulse to add, But she was alive an hour ago! And she stopped herself, because death is like that: people are alive until they die." -Diana Wynne Jones, Howl's Moving Castle

Random Musing
The above quote just keeps on being relevant. And it's sadly more than suited for this particular post.

I'm up writing a paper for my American Adolescence class. It's supposed to be 6-7 pages long and I'm only starting on page 4. Woo-hoo. I've just had coffee for the first time in months. Insomniacs don't generally need coffee. But tonight I did. So now I can be awake to fully process the horror of the discovery that Diana Wynne Jones passed away on March 26, 2011 and I only just found out.

She was my favorite fantasy author - responsible for the brilliance that is Howl's Moving Castle and Dark Lord of Derkholm, not to mention so many other wonderful books. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009. Knowing this I've actually been checking her wiki page and searching the news every so often to see how she's been doing. I swear I just wiki-d her a few weeks ago and she hadn't passed away yet. It must have been just days before she did.

So of course now, in the midst of essay-writing procrastination, I discover that she died two weeks ago. Ugh. I'm sad. And I feel like a bad fan for only finding out now. Sigh. Irrational? Maybe...

Now there's nothing literary that I'm all excited about looking forward to. (Well, it'd be really awesome if they published all of the work J.D. Salinger'd been hoarding, but who knows when that's going to happen.) I don't want her to be dead. Yeah, mature thought, I know. I don't care. This year is stupid. (Lesson: Nazifa gets less and less sophisticated as the night hours pass by. Bodes well for my essay.) So many people have passed away. I didn't post about it in light of what happened with Erica Teevens, but Brian Jacques died on February 5th. So I guess 2011 is the Year of Beloved-Childhood-Authors-Biting-the-Dust. Or maybe it's just the Year of Beloved-People-Biting-the-Dust. Who knows.

Back to essay writing. I am so not in the mood for this.


  1. Oh sad. :( Weren't we just talking about her the other day? That's how it goes, I suppose. (Hey, I rhymed.)

    Anyhow, I like your new picture. You don't look 16 in it, if it lifts your spirits up a little.

    And I hope you finished your essay. I think I signed on a little while ago (ok maybe it was like an hour ago) and saw that you were still up, so yeah.

    OH, and I was going to text you this, but yeah, speaking of Castle: Alyssa Milano was on very prominently in one episode in Season 2 (the last one I just watched). She was a bride whose bridesmaid was murdered on her wedding day. She was also Rick Castle's ex-girlfriend, more specifically "the one who got away." It was really cute.

  2. I finished it around 7:30am. So I got like three hours of sleep. I'm actually not tired at all now though. Sad about all the depressing news though. We were just talking about her. Sigh. She has a new book coming out soon. I think I knew she guest starred and almost watched that episode because of that, ha.


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