Green Ink!

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I just discovered that it is possible to find green ink cartridges for my fountain pen. Green ink. I'm totally going to feel like Harry Potter writing in green ink with a fountain pen. Sure it's not exactly a quill pen, but it's as close as we're going to get in the real world (aka: The Not-Nearly-As-Exciting-As-Harry Potter World). In case you couldn't tell from that statement: I'm very excited about this green ink. Yes - I'm just going to go ahead and say it - my life is that small.

I still have many many blue/black ink cartridges left, so the green's not going to be forthcoming for a while, but eventually those blue/black cartridges will run out and I will be buying green ink. I know what you're thinking. I could just go ahead and buy the cartridges now. Who cares if I still have blue/black ones left? True. I could. Well, except not really cause that just seems sort of wasteful. I know that with green ink in hand I'll probably ignore my blue/black ink. Forever. Even when I run out of green ink. I'll just buy more green and the blue/black cartridges will gather dust. See, wasteful. So I will just bide my time and look forward to the day that my world becomes more aligned with Harry Potter's. As is the hope and dream of every sane person on the planet.


  1. All you need now is an Invisibility Cloak and that super-cool map and you're in business. Bring me back some butterbeer, okay?

    PS I bet Amazon has quills (because Amazon has everything).

  2. Sell the blue/black ones and get green ones! Woo!


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