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I just bought the new iPod Touch to replace my iPod Video. I'd had the iPod Video for about four and a half years - I got it for my 16th birthday - and it did serve me really well for a pretty long time. In the end, the decision to buy a new iPod had to do with just one thing: battery life. (Well, that and the fact that I prefer iPods to other mp3 players.)

But yeah, battery life was really the big thing. After so many years, the battery on the iPod Video ran down considerably. I could get maybe 6-7 hours if I refused to ever hit skip or even change the volume (when it was new you could listen to 14 hours of music - even while hitting "next"). If I did decide to use it like a normal mp3 it would only last for around 1-3 hours, which became irritating very quickly. So I finally decided, after too many instances where I fully charged it only to have it die on me in no time, that it was time to buy a replacement.

So after doing research on various iPods and mp3 players - and post going into the Apple Store and discovering (to my shock actually) that I did like the whole touch screen thing - I decided on the new iPod Touch. I only got it in the mail today, and after hours of messing around, it's now fully synced with my iTunes and my apartment's wireless and is basically set up how I want it. I'm pretty excited about it. A normal reaction given that it is shiny and new and pretty - like all Apple products.

I do still need to find a case or some sort of protection for it, but minus that little worry blip I'm just excited to be able to go for long walks and not have to worry about my iPod dying any minute. It's a relief. And yes, the purchase has relieved my bank account a bit (sue me - I like puns), but I can live with that since this really is a purchase that will be useful in the long term. The last iPod lasted almost five years. And I think that stat bodes well for the new one. Fingers crossed.


  1. you should do musings more often. i like them.

  2. I've had a bunch of them recently. Dunno if the trend will continue, but we'll see.


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