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I have recently become enamored with Walt Whitman. This is not "enamored" in the same sense as I am with Sylvia Plath or Edgar Allan Poe or Dorothy Parker, but the word still seems relevant. Previous to the past few days, the only poem of his I really liked was "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry." That is no longer the case. I plan on buying a copy of Leaves of Grass as soon as I can find one I like - this will no doubt mean visiting some of the used bookstores around town. I have essentially had to comb over much of Leaves of Grass for a class I'm taking (19th Century American Poetry) and after initially finding his poems a bit tedious, I've come to actually really like some of them. Admittedly, I am no huge fan of "There was a Child went Forth," or "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking," but "Song of Myself" and "Hours Continuing Long" are really great. I admit that I initially found "Song of Myself" kind of bland - it seemed repetitious and generally pointless - but after giving it some time I've come to love it. It is far from being pointless. The later sections especially appealed to me - for those not aware, "Song of Myself" is divided into 52 sections of varying length. I highly recommend giving it, and Walt Whitman overall, a chance. Just a suggestion in case anyone felt like devoting some time to new poetry in the future.


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