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I adore movie trailers. I actually love them. Well, the good ones. When they're good they are addicting. To me anyways. I watch them over and over again in eager anticipation of the actual movie's release date. It's a rather ridiculous habit, but I've become fairly fond of it.

Two movies in particular over the years have had amazing trailers. "Years" in this case refers to the time since I've become aware of movie trailers as something to look forward to in the first place - let's say some three years now. So I'm sharing those trailers with my faithful readers (all two of you) - with the aid of YouTube of course.

The Painted Veil is the first of these movies. This is probably the best trailer I have seen to date. I saw it while watching the previews on The Departed DVD and was instantly hooked. Yes, I remember exactly where I saw it for the first time. It had that strong an impact.

I became obsessed with the movie. I read the book it was based on - though the two are very different from one another in plot actually -, was incredibly depressed when it didn't come to a local theater due to its limited release, and was ecstatic when I finally got to see it. The trailer had built up all this anticipation regarding the movie. And, in defiance of everything I have ever known, the movie actually fulfilled all my expectations. It is so good. Shockingly good. I highly recommend it if you've been so unfortunate as to not have seen it. If you don't have the time, just watch the trailer over and over again. I recommend doing that as well.

Nine is the second movie. I will readily admit that the movie itself is subpar. The soundtrack is great, the actors are all amazing, the cinematography is out of this world, and yet the movie overall is not very good. I was thoroughly disappointed by it, which was not fun after waiting for it to come out for about six months. Yes, you read that right: six months. Don't judge.

This time around my expectations about the movie were not fulfilled. That doesn't make the trailer any less spectacular though. Actually, I should say trailers since there's a second trailer for Nine which is also very good. You can find it here. So check the trailers out for sure. You could also go ahead and watch the movie, but keep your expectations low. You don't want to end up too disappointed.

Summing up: movie trailers are fun. Dangerous fun really since they promote ridiculous expectations about the movies themselves. This is the point of course - they are just marketing tools when it comes down to it - but it can lead to disappointed hopes in some/many cases. Only rarely does a movie as good as The Painted Veil come out with an equally amazing trailer. More often than not, the trailer will build you up and the movie will take you down a few pegs. So be careful out there while browsing YouTube and running across movie trailers. The odds are not with you.

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  1. I actually watched Nine and you're right, its not very good. I was kinda annoyed throughout the whole thing and didn't even finish it


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